Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

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The original E-Z Gutter Screen is still one of the most versatile. Made of powder-coated steel, with two different methods of installation.

It can be snapped into the front of the gutter for quick and easy removal, without disturbing the shingles, or fastened with screws to the front of the gutter and installed under the shingles.


  • Medium Debris Loads with Medium Holes
  • Powder-Coated Steel
  • Available in 5″, 6″, 7″ Widths
  • Special Order 8″, 9″ Widths




Q: Will an E-Z Gutter Guard installation affect my roof warranty?

A: No, many E-Z-Gutter Guards have the rear section resting on the gutter hanger and it doesn’t disturb the shingles, therefore doesn’t affect the shingle warranty.  The other style slides under the shingles but does not require fasteners into the roof.  Some shingle manufacturers and local building codes require the leading edge of the shingles to be sealed down.  If you have questions please contact your shingle supplier.

Q: Can I install E-Z Gutter Guards myself?

A: We prefer that E-Z Gutter Guards are installed by a professional installer. There are a variety of installation techniques that vary from situation to situation, so a trained installer will use just the right method based on your application.

Q: Will E-Z Gutter Guards handle heavy rain?

Yes, all E-Z GUTTER GUARDS are thoroughly tested on our rain test roof that simulates 6 inches of rainfall per hour.  Each product is then tweaked for maximum performance. Our patented screen and cover designs direct rain water through and down into the gutter under the heaviest of downpours.

Contact us today about having EZ Gutter Guards installed on your existing Gutters.