How to choose a roofer…


Many roofers are not qualified to do the job. Currently, there are no state standards in Texas. Regardless of your roofing needs, you should take time to verify that your Dallas Roof Contractor is competent, experienced and trustworthy.  Brandywine Construction, LLC services operates out of Frisco, TX and services residential roofs and commercial roofs within a 50 mile radius and is currently heading up restoration work in Wylie, Rowlett, and Rockwall.  Not every city in Dallas and Denton County requires registration, but it is a good way to check find out if a company is doing business in your area.




Tips for choosing a North Dallas / Denton Residential Roofer

In Texas, roofing companies don’t need any credentials, certificates or licenses. There are no codes, nor regulations. A roofing contractor may have a business license, but that merely recognizes him or her as a legitimate entity that can be taxed. So when it’s time to install a new roof, you need to interview  your Dallas area roofer and evaluate their proposals as carefully as you would in hiring any professional. And always expect a free inspection.  Brandywine Construction, LLC will provide free inspections  within a 30 mile radius of Frisco, TX.  Currently we are servicing a heavier volume of roofs  spreading across North Dallas / Ft. Worth from the Southlake / Flower Mound area through Coppell / Lewisville, all the way over to Rowlett / Sachse areas.


Our Guidelines
  1. Expect the estimator to be on time for the appointment. That person, whether the owner or a sales rep, should be able to explain the details of what your installation will require and answer your questions about a new roof or replacement roof.
  2. Find out if the company has a track record. It should have an address, not just a P.O. box number. Ask for referrals, preferably in your area, and check them out. Call the Better Business Bureau, or go to their web site to see if there have been any complaints registered.
  3. Expect the estimator to go up on the roof to inspect it and take accurate measurements. He should also evaluate siding, soffit, fascia, decking, gutters and downspouts, chimneys and flashing and landscaping near the job site. He should also go into the attic to evaluate the roof from inside and determine whether contents need to be removed or protected.
  4. Expect to be shown samples of roofing materials and to have the differences in their properties and warranties explained. Make sure you understand how various materials affect the cost to replace a roof.
  5. Ask for any roofing credentials. Manufacturers of roofing materials often award certificates to contractors who complete training to install their products. These certificates demonstrate the contractors’ commitment to the business and contribute to their professionalism.
  6. Be wary of any request for a deposit on the price of a new roof or payment in advance for materials. Typically, payment is due upon invoicing or on completion of the project.


Tips to help you evaluate proposals from Dallas / Denton Roofing Contractors

A proposal is an agreement that has the weight of a contract in Texas. It should spell out your product options by brand name, and itemize services and prices. It should be more detailed than a checklist, and it should be customized to your job.


What should be covered:
  • Ventilation
  • Flashing
  • Removal of debris as the job progresses and on completion
  • Protection of outdoor fixtures and landscaping
  • Need to remove or protect items in attic storage
  • Samples of product options
  • Performance and warranties of product options
  • Colors of product options

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